About Us


Reimagine the vendor search, booking, and service experience to evolve with a new generation of wedding couples.


Elevate weddings one DJ, Decor, and Photo Booth service at a time.

Core Values

Our team’s guiding principles for each and every day.

Collaborate with couples, vendors,
and any additional key-players, in the wedding experience.

Be an industry-leader
in all we do.

Don’t follow the trend,
be trendsetters.

Let creativity be
your motivation and inspiration.

Allow every decision to be client-focused.
They are your reason.

Maintain the highest quality gear.
This means going beyond consumer-grade; We are the pros, after all.

Be meticulous.
With every song choice, every light, every drape, every time.

Don’t tell the client, show the client,
in every message, email, phone call, text, and meeting.

It is always the first time,
except with more and more experience.

Create a night
we’ll all remember.