The Secret To An Amazing Backdrop


Fabric backdrops are one of our favorite decor elements. Offered at many price points, it typically fits most wedding budgets and quickly transforms a space. There are a few things to consider before you choose a backdrop.

Here are our tips for ensuring a perfect backdrop.

Top Places to Use a Fabric Backdrop:

  1. Behind your ceremony
  2. Behind your head table
  3. As a focal point in an entryway
  4. To dress up a room divider

Important Reminders

  • For ceremonies, consider whether or not you'll have your bridal party standing for the whole ceremony. You do not want photos where it looks like wedding party members are off the backdrop. Consider a more intricate backdrop immediately behind the couple and straight draping extending off the sides.
  • Similarly, for head table or sweetheart draping, you'll want to consider table length and focal points for photographs. In order to ensure the entire length of your head table is visually in front of the backdrop, you'll want to make sure that the backdrop extends beyond the sides of your head table about 4-6 feet. For larger wedding parties, we often recommend a two-tier head table (for many reasons), but for to most definitely ensure the best photos! For the most cost-effective option, choose the more intricate backdrop immediately behind the couple, with straight draping for the extensions.
  • When creating an entry focal point, consider the room you're working with and play off of that. You don't have to reinvent the room. Using its innate features to design off of will ensure your backdrop looks like it belongs in the room. This is a wonderful photo opportunity for guests too! We like to dress these up with monograms, initials or light greenery. This creates a very welcoming entryway and helps to establish the tone of the wedding right from the beginning.
  • Although we generally just recommend straight draping to dress up a room divider, airwall, etc. designed backdrop are great if the wall will be in photos. For example, if you have a room divider behind your DJ or band, you might want a designed backdrop because it will be a focal point for the evening and will be in many photos. If the wall is on the side of the room, dressing it in straight draping softens the wall without blowing the budget! 

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