Viral Songs: To Play or Not Play


Our lives are soundtracked by viral songs every day. Hearing them on a Reel, TikTok, or on the radio, these songs will always evoke an emotional reaction. The right viral song will make you want to sing out loud or dance next to your best friend. The wrong viral song gets a little cringe. So, do these songs belong on a wedding playlist? Here we break down when it might be appropriate and why you might want to play some of these at your wedding.

We’ve picked a handful Spotify’s extensive 200 viral song list for 2023:


Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

Great for: The “cool down” moment on the dance floor. You know the one: you just had a killer run of high energy songs and need to slow it down a bit without going full-on slow song. Guests can slow-ish dance with their significant other, but solo guests can still find a bit of a groove on the dance floor. 

Why: Your guests are going to love screaming “He looks up grinning like a devil” and “I love you ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard.” It’s just really going to make a memorable moment. 


Dance the Night by Due Lipa

Great for: 

  • Wedding party intros: This song will have all of your guests on their feet, singing along while your wedding party and/or you and your partner are introduced. It’s an instant hype moment that’ll set the tone for the reception.
  • Opening the dance floor: Because of the mass popularity of The Barbie movie, the odds are that many of your guests know the song. It’ll fill your dance floor instantly. 
  • Any time throughout dancing: See above. Everyone loves it. Die hards will know the choreo. Make sure to play it early enough while you’re videographer and photographer are still there. This song is sure to create great moments for them to capture.


Smooth Operator by MOONLIGHT, nowise

Great for: Garter removal/tosses. We know that less couples are doing garter removal/tosses these days, but it’s a fun track if you are doing one. 

Why: It’s got a fun beat, but it’s not the best choice for a dance floor song, so if you want to hear it on your wedding, this is a great way to incorporate it. 


Die For You by The Weeknd

Great for: A non-traditional slow dance

Why: By choosing a more popular song, you’re more likely to keep younger couples on the dance floor.


Paradise by Braaheim

Great for: Late night dance floor

Why: Most of your guests know the original Coldplay version, but this one has a club beat. Bonus points if you’ve got glow props or a DJ with a great light rig to really bring this song to life. 


Fast Car by Luke Combs 

Great for: A slow dance that’s still got some pep.

Why: Older guests will know the Tracy Chapman original, but younger guests will know the this version. It’s a nice opportunity to get multiple generations on the dance floor for a slow dance.




Great for: Cocktail hour or dinner

Why: It’s not exactly a song that’ll pack the dance floor, but it’s a cute one that’s fun to bop to and will keep the mood light and fun.


I’m Good (Blue) by David Guetta, Bebe Rexha

Great for: Keeping the party going on the dance floor.

Why: Like other songs on this list, it samples a 1998 classic, so it’s got new throwback energy and a beat that doesn’t stop. Guests will have an easy time getting down to this one. 



Love Story by Braaheim, Now O Later

Great for: Wedding party entrances, or anytime on the dance floor.

Why: Taylor Swift, club beats, a song about love. It’s the equation for a perfect wedding moment. 


Barbie Girl (with Aqua) by Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Aqua

Great for: an alternative bouquet toss. 

Why: With the Barbie references, it’s got a girly feel, but Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice it grew it up a little. A perfect track to toss a bouquet to.


Heat Waves by Glass Animals

Great for: cocktail hour

Why: It doesn’t really have a dance beat, so if you want to hear it, put it on your cocktail hour playlist. 


Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez, Em Behold

Great For: First dance

Why: It is a sweet, sweet song about falling in love. If you’re looking for a first dance song that’s more trendy, this is a great one. It does specifically refer to a heterosexual love, so if you’re not looking for that, then you want want to skip this one. If you think your guests will like to hear it, throw it on your cocktail hour or dinner playlist! 


Like A Prayer by Brendan Mills, Madism, Masove, Tess Burrstone

Great for: Dance floor

Why: Its a Madonna moment with a modern feel. Many guests are likely to know it, but it won’t feel stale. Its a fun one to sing along to while showing off your best moves. 


Angel Baby by Troye Sivan

Great for: First dance 

Why: It’s an upbeat song about being in love, and loving small things about the other person. It’s not overused and will still be a little unexpected. 



Say Yes to Heaven by Lana Del Ray

Great for: Cocktail hour or dinner 

Why: It’s got a calm beat that’ll be the perfect background music. It’s trendy and new, rather than the same Rat Pack/Ella Fitzgerald/etc that most couples use (we’ve still got a sweet spot for those classics though, don’t get us wrong!).


Mr. Brightside by The Killer

Great for: Packing your dance floor

Why: Someone recently said that this song is this generation’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” and they’re not wrong. Every single wedding we play this at has a packed dance floor, guests jumping up and down and singing along. A moment you’re going to want to grab a selfie during.


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