COVID-19 & Your Wedding

We understand how uncertain these times are and how difficult it can be to plan a wedding. First and foremost, do not worry; you've got this and we've got you. Here's what we're doing...

Finalizing guest lists is always a hard thing to do because you’re excited to celebrate with everyone you love (and everyone who loves you!). Thankfully, we can still share the experience with your loved ones outside of your immediate family with technology. We are proud to offer our couple live stream opportunities. This will allow you to celebrate with the people who mean the most to you without needing to worry about exceeding the legal guest count maximum.

We understand that some of these requirements are not what you had envisioned for your wedding and for that, we apologize. As a business, we are required to follow the local rules and regulations, which includes anyone/anywhere we might be providing services.

Elevated Events is honored that you're interested in having us be a part of your wedding, however, if you're choosing to not follow local/state restrictions, then we might not be the best fit as a part of your wedding vendor team. 

Cancellation Policy

If the state or county changes their restrictions or mitigation tier, we have options. If you're open to working together to still continue with your wedding under the new restrictions, we will make this happen.

If you need to postpone, you can do this up to three times without incurring an additional fee.

Listen, this is uncharted territory for us all and we are in this together. When you signed a contract with us, we made a promise to provide you the best service possible. Things might change, but you should know you have a team of people behind your wedding who care. If something should change very close to the wedding, we would help you reschedule or postpone without any additional fees. You may reschedule or postpone up to three times.

Again, only your deposit or 25% of your total bill are completely non-refundable should you choose to cancel altogether.

Preparing for a wedding starts long before the wedding date, so our deposits are structured to cover the cost of that time and expertise. We are truly sorry that you are no longer able to move forward with your wedding as planned. As stated in our contract, deposits are non-refundable. If you have already paid your bill in full, your non-refundable deposit is 25% of your total bill.

The Hard Stuff

We understand that COVID-19 might not just affect your wedding. We understand that many have been out of work and are still recovering financially. We understand that budgets might have changed.

Again, we will do our best to work with you during this difficult time of change. There's still a long road to recovery ahead, but it doesn't mean you should continue postponing your wedding if you want to get married.

We will continue to work with our couples to create payment plans, offer cash discounts or develop another mutually beneficial solution should you be facing the worst.