Creating your own epic ceremony soundtrack


So you don't want songs everyone else has used for your ceremony? Great. We don't want that either. That's why we have put together our tips for creating an epic ceremony soundtrack. 


The Path To An Epic Ceremony Soundtrack

  • Do you have a song that must be played? If so, find the version you love and let it set the vibe for the rest of your music selections. We recommend sticking to the same sound, so if you're most excited about the song playing as you'll walk down the aisle and it's a string quartet version, find other string quartet versions of things. Same for piano, acoustic or OG versions. It gives everything a sophisticated and polished feel.
  • Choose songs that are important to the two of you. We promise that when you hear these songs 30 years from now, you'll remember this day. Pick songs you want to be connected to forever.
  • Consider the event occurring and be sure to pick music appropriate for that event. Songs about a couple in love are best left for the end of the recessional, while songs about it being a wonderful day, happy moment, etc. are great for earlier on.
  • Over-plan. You never know what might happen during the ceremony. Be sure to tell your sound operator if it's okay to play the same song twice if necessary, or have a backup song in case more music is needed. It might take Grandma a couple of extra verses to take her seat.
  • Give your sound operator cues from your officiant's script. Most often, your sound operator will not attend your rehearsal, so it's important to give them a cue from your officiant before a certain music selection needs to be played.
  • Think ahead: is there a certain part of the song you want played at a particular moment? Things can happen quicker than we anticipate, so if there's a particular part of a song you want played during your unity ceremony, be sure to tell your sound operator during your planning sessions so that they can edit or cue up when appropriate. 

That's it! Now, start listening to songs and get planning! 

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